Why I Hate The Ketogenic Diet Craze

Why I Hate the Ketogenic Diet Craze


The Ketogenic Diet or Keto Diet craze (also referred to as a low carb high fat diet / LCHF and sometimes the Paleo diet) drives me nuts. I know the science on this very well, and have personal experience with a LCHF diet, but you cannot convince the keto crazed people otherwise. It’s like a cult!

I think the reason people like the idea of the Keto Diet is because they don’t have to address their bad eating habits, it seems like an easy fix for quick weight loss, and I believe we are genetically predisposed to go after and crave easy calories from fat. However, life has changed on planet earth, and we have plenty of science to back up the proper way of eating and how to get proper nutrition which I will discuss herein.

Blue Zones

The longest lived people on this earth that have little obesity, heart disease, or other chronic diseases like Type 2 Diabetes are in areas called “The Blue Zones”.  The Blue Zone areas of the world eat a primarily plant-based, high carb diet that includes whole grains.

I have an extensive article the Blue Zones called ‘Lessons From Centenarians‘.

I have listed the Blue Zones longevity food in my article ‘Top 12 Longevity Foods‘.

Nutritional Epidemiology

Epidemiology is the study and analysis of the health and disease conditions in defined populations using statistical analysis to draw appropriate conclusions about diet and their effects on health. These studies are considered correlation studies.


READ MORE: https://www.arespectfullife.com/2018/06/25/why-i-hate-the-ketogenic-diet-craze/


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