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Molecular Mimicry – How Eating Animal Based Products Causes Autoimmune Disease

If you eat my flesh.......It will cause a process in you called MOLECULAR MIMCRY. Your own body will attack similar foreign proteins.(1)

Autoimmune Disease Rates Increasing:

The growing prevalence of Autoimmune Diseases ought to cause us to wonder what the mechanism is behind the growth and prevalence. Type 1 diabetes incidence is rising 3-5% /year. How is it that Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus has grown year over year in Westernized countries?

See: The World Incidence and Prevalence of Autoimmune Diseases is Increasing

What Is An Autoimmune Disease?

An autoimmune disease is a condition in which your immune system mistakenly attacks your body. There are over 100 known Autoimmune Diseases. An Autoimmune disease is specifically defined as:

Immune system disorders cause abnormally low activity or over activity of the immune system. In cases of immune system over activity, the body attacks and damages its own tissues (autoimmune diseases). Immune deficiency diseases decrease the body’s ability to fight invaders, causing vulnerability to infections.

In response to an “unknown trigger”, the immune system may begin producing antibodies that instead of fighting infections, attack the body’s own tissues.

Some of these diseases include; Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Crohn’s Disease, Guillain-Barre syndrome, Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, Graves Disease, etc.


In this paper:

“Molecular Mimicry as a Mechanism of Autoimmune Disease”

The authors from the Department of Pathology at the University of Utah outlined 32 diseases with examples of Human Autoimmune Diseases with Possible Molecular Mimicry, and 9 cases that were proven in animal testing models.

Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus:

Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM) develops when the insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells are mistakenly destroyed by the body’s immune system. We have seen a massive rise in the number of cases of T1DM over the years. We have known for many years that protein in cow’s milk are most likely the trigger of this disease!

See: A Bovine Albumin Peptide as a Possible Trigger of Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus

In addition to milk proteins, we also know that Paratuberculosisa disease in cattle, will also cause an immune response in humans consuming tainted meat and milk and WILL cause T1DM.

See: Exploring the role of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis in the pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes mellitus



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