9 AMAZING Things that Happen After Going Vegan

  1. Life becomes 120% more interesting.

Have you ever been on a wild adventure? It feels kind of like that. It’s thrilling and it’s never boring. Finding new Vegan foods feels like winning the lottery. Walking around the store and seeing a lot of new vegan options also feels like a victory. You feel like part of a big cool kids club, making a change one day at a time. Life is never boring after going vegan. 


  1. You begin to feel like a superhero.

“I’m Vegan” isn’t said to annoy meat-eaters. It’s there because it stands for being a superhero for the planet and the animals. When I first went vegan, I felt like I had stepped up my human game. Like, “Yeah, I’m Vegan.” And what’s wrong with that?


  1. You feel lighter in the body

Once you stop eating dairy and meat, it feels your stomach is thanking you. Your…

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