Steps Towards Minimalism


 The act of minimalism is essentially, cutting the crap out of life to get to the good stuff. Minimalism makes me ask myself, what is actually important to me? Why do I own so much stuff??

I’ve come up with a few pointers that I want to be thinking about everyday…..

Stop spending money on products you don’t need/want.

With influencers on every social media platform showing you what they got sent to their P.O box, you may feel like you need to go out and buy that amazing new eye-shadow palette that ‘so and so’ was raving about. Before you get wrapped up in all the excitement of a new product ask yourself if you really need it, will you still be using it in 2 years time? I’ve wasted so much money on cult products that I thought were going to be life changing and actually they’ve just…

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