Less is more

Conquer from within

8 simple ways to start living minimal lifestyle

Nowadays we tend to clutter our home, our mind and our space with unneceserry, shiny things. And often, before we realise, we become trapped in our own lair of things we actually don’t need.

The reason for that ist that today we tend to give too much meaning to our thingst, and for the majority of us, letting go and having less seems pretty scary.  But the truth is that minimalism can assist you in finding your freedom, freedom from anxiety, freedom from stress, freedom from the trappings of the consumer society, freedom from overwhelmed feelings and freedom from depression.

Let me ask you something, and please answer it honestly. Are you feeling overwhelmed when you come home after a busy day?  How many things you possess that you don’t need and you don’t use? Do you tend to spend your money on things you don’t need, or you already have? Do you sometimes…

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